After lugging around charging bricks, tangled cables and extra batteries we finally found a way to keep our phones and other devices charged up without the hassle – it’s called the Clip Cable Charge and Store™. We’re putting together a new crowdfunding campaign to introduce it to the world.


Here’s the crowdfunding campaign a couple of college kids did for a similar charging cable called the InCharge. More than 62,000 buyers pledged $2,625,963 validating its appeal and demand, in spite of the negative comments -

The Clip Cable Charge and Store™ is a _much_ improved version that not only charges your devices, it includes a feature that excites everyone who sees it - 32 GB of flash memory. It works flawlessly and has been tested extensively.


At only 5 inches long when extended and 2.5 inches when snapped together, the Clip Cable charges, syncs and transfers power and data to your Apple, Android and Micro USB devices as fast as your computer or battery pack, and its magnetic clasp keeps it folded, firmly in place and out of the way when not in use.

And that’s not all - you can use your Android phone to charge Android phones, iPhones and your other devices!

The new Clip Cable Charge and Store™


“Charge all your devices and store your data safely on a handy little device you carry on your key chain! The World’s Only 4 in 1 Charge and Store Power Cable”

"Give it to your prospective customers with your company info. They’ll think of you every time they charge their phone or upload their data."

Video Demo

Video Demo

The Clip Cable’s initial funding goal is $100,000 with stretch goals that could approach In Charge funding. Please get in touch for complete details.

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